To our students:

Its always nice to get some feedback from our students, so Thank You for helping us create a positive experience for you with Yoga @ Work. Thank you for allowing us to help bring a calmness to your workplace.

From Rubaiyat "Thank you again for your wonderful support. I know what a difference it makes for the women and staff".

Tania writes "Fiona – You’re awesome!! Last night was the first night in at least 8 months that I was able to sleep through the entire night & I’m attributing that to your lunch time yoga therapy. Thank-you!!! "

From Liz "Thank you! I liked how you kept reminding me to breathe and lower my shoulders – it is really easy to forget those things. You showed us the poses well and gave us options for various levels of comfort and ability".

Charise says "Thank-you again for the Yoga last Tuesday. It was really nice to stretch and clear the mind during work. I attended my regular Yoga the following Wednesday evening which is much more intense and a respective workout lasting 2 hours.The “Yoga at Work” is a great variation to this. You have a lovely calming voice, looking forward to doing it again . "