Your Instructor

Fiona Sumpton - Director, Yoga-At-Work

Fiona has been a successful IT consultant for over 20 years. Fiona's consultancy has taken her into a myriad of businesses, where she has had the good fortune to be able to implement and support multi-million dollar enterprises. Working with, and consulting with people in different businesses has given her considerable insight into the physical issues that can occur when sitting all day. Its also given her a greater appreciation for workers who do more physical work ; or perform repetitive detailed tasks; of which both groups are prone to the pain experience. Fiona's personal involvement in the yoga world began when the realization she wasn't getting any younger; combined with sitting at a desk for hours on end staring at a PC; was causing a whole host of issues. Her personal quest for relief led her to investigate various types of activities designed to induce muscles to relax , reduce the pain and leave stress behind. Through research , exploration and a wee bit of coercion from friends, Fiona found yoga to be most helpful . Her back pain, hip 'locking', shoulder tightness, and tension-related headaches started to diminish the more she practiced yoga. Her general stress levels decreased and Fiona found herself better able to cope with 'stuff that comes up' un-announced. She also found huge relief from other chronic conditions while doing yoga.

After doing research on various types of Yoga, Fiona decided to pursue Ashtanga Yoga. (Ashtanga is a cardio-intense, physical yoga that focuses on combining breath with movement to create not only an inner heat in the body, but a calm focal point from which you can begin to reduce tension - while at the same time getting physically fit).

While continuing to practice Ashtanga , Fiona worked toward a +200 hr Ashtanga teaching certificate, so that she could help others while delving deeper into her own personal practice. Following that, she took additional training in Therapeutic Yoga to provide the maximum benefit both mentally and physically. Fiona is currently undergoing +500 hr Yoga Therapist Training that combines Yoga with Ayurveda and modern science to provide a well-rounded approach to injury and healing.

Since starting down the yoga path, Fiona has been a huge advocate of taking Yoga out into the workplace, to the mall, to the streets. She has practiced in parks, led classes on a beach in Greece, practiced yoga in Algonquin; and endured strange looks while doing yoga on a towpath in the UK!. Fiona brings a wealth of experience and a passion for yoga to you - both on and off the mat.