Yoga @ Work it really worth it?

Stress & tension are often hidden in physical issues like stomach ulcers, migraines,

strained muscles and back pain.

Employees who suffer from stress-related problems are more likely to take time off due to the physical effects caused by stress.

Canadian businesses are recognizing that a person’s stress level – whether at work or at home – is a major contributor to workplace morale and individual motivation. Keep an employee focused and working to the best of their ability, and the company will succeed. When people are satisfied in their job; and are recognized by their employer as being 'a solid performer'; stress and tension levels in the office are considerably lower. Inter- departmental participation becomes the norm, and communication is open and honest. The overall benefit to the company is pretty huge.

Companies who concentrate on addressing; and subsequently reducing; employee stress report less overall absenteeism, and see much more co-operation and collaboration in the workplace.

Employees who participate in programs at work report a better sense of 'well-being', less anger, and have more coping mechanisms to draw from when things get tough.

We are located in the Greater Toronto Area serving the area bounded by Pickering, Stouffville, Brampton, and Toronto.

They don't take time off to deal with the stress its-self; which results in even more sick-days as the same physical issues come up over and over again.

* Programs can be developed for any size group

* At lunch or after work - we come to your facility

* No special equipment needed – we provide yoga mats, blocks and straps

* All levels of fitness welcome

* Sessions typically run for 5 - 10 weeks

* Classes generally 1 x week, 60 mins / class.

Whats a concerned HR Department to do? Introduce Yoga @ Work to your employees. Yoga has been shown to have a myriad of benefits ranging from the physical to the mental. Yoga gives people the wherewithal to deal with stress, while providing a creative path to physical fitness. Our innovative programs combine the practice of asana (physical postures in Yoga), with pranayama (breathing) , to promote physical, emotional and mental well being.

We will work with you to create a yoga program tailored specifically to your employee needs.

Whats in it for your business?

              • Increases to employee productivity

              • Heightened workplace morale

              • Increased physical fitness for the team

              • Reduced sick-days due to muscle pain, stress, injury

              • Employees are able to concentrate and deliver results

              • General workplace tension and stress levels go down

It’s all good……