Yoga at Home..

Welcome to Yoga @ Work - dedicated to reducing workplace stress one day at a time.

Whats 'Yoga @ Work'?

Its you, an instructor, and a yoga mat learning how to loosen up and promote more fluidity in joints and muscles that stay in one place over the course of the day.

Its gaining some ease of movement and allowing you to be more productive and in less pain.

its also about having some fun while learning techniques to help you regain your sanity and lose that stress.

De-stress, calm down, and get fit.........

its all good.

So - here we all are. Sitting at a desk for most of the day, hunched over a PC. Working like mad to reach a deadline. Maybe you are 'on the line' , packing boxes and loading trucks. Perhaps you are a Customer Service rep - dealing with irate customers and chasing down lost or broken merchandise. What ever you are doing, you are doing it all day long, every day - and its stressful - theres no doubt about it.

Do you find yourself trying to 'stretch it out' at random points during the day?

How about rolling your neck from side to side in a futile effort to regain mobility?

A little achy in the old hips perhaps? Maybe so achy that just getting to the water cooler is a major task?

Try walking down to the end of the building and back without creaking your knees....walk nice and straight, shoulders back, relaxed, and smile.... can't be done huh?

Is your back is so stiff that standing upright can be considered a chore ?

You've probably become so used to the tightness in your shoulders, neck and back, I'll bet you don't even notice it anymore.

Yoga @ Work offers up and delivers new , innovative programs as a way for you and your fellow employees to loosen up , have some fun and break out of your daily routine . No previous yoga experience is necessary - just a willingness to relax and get in the groove.

Located in Kamloops, BC, we bring yoga to you.

Maybe you go so far as to ask a co-worker to 'give my shoulders just a little massage....please'?

Does it seem easier just to 'sit it out' and remain at your desk?

Do you get tension headaches ?

Are you hunched up and feeling stressed?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, or are feeling the pinch in your back, shoulders or neck then Yoga @ Work is for you.