Yoga-Related Links

Personal experience counts for lots, so if I haven't been to a site , you won't see it here. 


Moksha Yoga Stouffville, Ontario. The owner of MYS (Lisa) is a wonderful 'karmariffic girl' who runs a lovely sun-light studio .


The philosophy of yoga as taught by Downward Dog in Toronto is one that I can highly recommend as being well-rounded and dedicated to  teaching in a manner consistent with their personal philosophy and mine....which is - don't do it if it hurts!!!!!




For very comfortable Yoga tops, and wonderful customer service visit the Purple Pig website

has a truly great customer service policy. Product ships quickly and from my experience items are always in stock and ready to ship out.  Their clothes are soft, comfortable, and very functional!  Sizing is pretty much bang-on. (A large is size 10-12, and length is good).