Based on feedback from our clients, we have put together a set of program sequences we think you will like.  We can also combine programs, or design one based on your specific requirements ,creating an experience unique to your company.

For rates, more details, and to schedule your session, please contact us. 

Morning Wake-Up.    
A great way to start the day.  A 30 min invigorating sequence designed to get you  up , moving and energized!                                                                

Lunchtime Stretch.
An uplifting 30 min sequence of shoulder, back & neck stretches combined with hip openers guaranteed to get you out from behind your desk and moving. 

Afternoon Kick Start.
A 30 min sequence designed specifically to give you that afternoon coffee and cake  
experience without the caffeine 
 and sugar. 

tress Buster.
A 45 - 60 min relaxing sequence designed to quiet your mind and reduce tension. Less 'asana' and more meditation,  the focus is on conscious relaxation and stress reduction through breathing.

After Work Relaxation Session.
45 min 'Yin' yoga combined with relaxation techniques puts you in a great frame of mind for the evening ahead. 

Introduction  to Yoga (10 week session) , L1 (5 week workshop). 
Specific instruction on learning basic poses , before progressing to sequences and more advanced asanas. A good foundation-builder for students who wish to explore yoga outside of work-related sequences.  At the end of 'Introduction to Yoga ' you will know the basic poses and have progressed to a 60 - 90 min sequence based on the Ashtanga series.  'L1' explores inversions, arm balances and advanced poses . You must have completed  'Introduction to Yoga' before signing up for this 60 min / 10 week session. 

Conferences, Workshops & Retreats. 
We provide instructors for conferences, retreats, and employee workshops .
Private Lessons (in home or at work). 
Any of the sequences can be combined to create a unique program designed with your level of comfort in mind. 45 - 60 mins. 

Yoga and Running (6 - 8 week program , combined with 1 - 2 runs per week). 
Couch - 5k, 5k, 10k running programs combined with yoga and a run. Timing depends on program and level of fitness.

Virtual Programs .
We create and send you a customized program for yoga and/or running that you can do on your own; or with weekly reviews to ensure you are
on track and happy with your progress.